Additional FAQs

8/19/20232 min read

Why do you require a deposit and why does it vary?
This is required due to the expenses incurred immediately upon your booking.
We must confirm the time of all involved and most locations request to be paid in full in advance of your booking.
As all involved are self-employed, this is to ensure that no work is lost in the unfortunate event of a cancellation.

I am nervous and have never done a photo shoot before.
That’s totally understandable.
I will be as understanding as I possibly can and will help you through the process.
You’re welcome to bring a friend/relative if the company might help.
Please speak with me about this in advance though just incase location has any terms.

Can I bring someone with me?
Yes of course.
I fully understand that it can be intimidating to have such personal images taken and therefore I would encourage this if you feel at all nervous.
Please speak with me about this in advance though just incase location has any terms.

Can I share one package with a friend?
Yes of course. The price may be slightly different but please enquire if this is something you would like to do.

Can I choose my own poses?
Yes you may. You can to dictate some of your photo shoot if you wish and it can also be a good idea to bring some image examples that you like.

I find some poses uncomfortable.
That’s fine and normal. Some poses can be uncomfortable due to trying to exaggerate body curves, or make shapes you wouldn’t naturally (depending on what you want to create).
If you would like certain poses don’t hesitate to ask, or if I have attempted to place you in a pose you are not comfortable with then please say so.
I would never force you to do something that you do not like, or are uncomfortable in.

What is your preferred payment method?
Deposits can be paid by BACS, debit/credit card, PayPal.
For the remaining balance owed on the day of your session, you can pay by any preferred method, cash included.
You can also pay the full fee in advance in you prefer.

Are my images private and will I own them?
Yes. Within my terms I state that all images taken are yours and that I cannot use them unless you give me formal permission to do so.

Can I have a natural shoot?
Of course. I am able to shoot and edit many styles. If you are worried about artificial lighting or over-editing then we can shoot natural light, and/or minimise the retouching. You are more than welcome to request this, or talk to me regarding this.

How much retouching will you do?
This can sometimes be difficult to determine, as every individual is different.
It is encouraged that you clearly make a general breakdown of things you want done for edit.
I do try to work to specification so that you can dictate the level you require.
If you are not 100% happy about something then please talk to me.

Will you retouch images not taken by AT Glamour London?
Sadly not.

Can I bring my own music?
Most definitely, in fact I encourage it. Get your playlists ready!

Can I bring alcohol?
Sure, as long as it is within reason, responsible, and doesn’t affect your shoot.
Please no other substances.