New year update Jan 2022

Terrible with blogs & posts

8/19/20232 min read

My apologies, I’ve been terrible with regular posts and engagement on social media, as well as not even attempting a blog post since the first UK lockdown!
I’m really bad when it comes to social media, I rarely browse, I rarely engage with people, and I rarely do more than just post a few images.
Therefore, I just wanted apologise, and make a little post as an update as to what’s been happening and what may be happening.


Work was heavily affected throughout 2020, and a portion of early 2021.
Like with most of us, lockdowns and restrictions meant that a lot of work and travel was either not possible or had hurdles to jump.
We really wanted to travel more and organise tours, but sadly, we were just not confident or ballsy enough to take the risk.
We really started to get properly back to work from early 2021, and have been working hard to stay busy in the UK since.
Big thanks, and much love to all who have booked and supported AT Glamour!

2022 and moving forward

Now it’s a new year, and hopefully where we can begin to see Covid as just a tiny speck in the rear view mirror, it’s time to start focusing on new things.
I’m hoping to travel more, organise national and international tours, introduce new regular locations, improve my work, and try to give back something to the industry in which I grew.
Packages have slightly changed this year with unfortunately a small rate increase, but I’ve also included a couple more edits with this.
Currently I’ve booked a Bali trip for August which is almost full, and will be considering other trips.
I’m looking at the possibility of content days for creators which if go ahead will be posted about on socials or newsletter.
There are at least a couple of new locations coming to the books this year, with at least one low cost central London venue.
I’m trialling the possibility of bi-monthly ‘half-rate’ shoot days at low cost venues to help those in need of a portfolio, and to also give a percentage of the profits to an industry adjacent charity. The first one of these is at the end of this month, and I’m already planning another for March!
Lastly I’ve pulled my finger out and created a newsletter as my way of doing something engaging and informative every couple of months with the first issue being released early Feb.

Keep informed

If you’d like to keep updated with special offers, UK and international tours, new locations and anything AT Glamour London photography related then please keep an eye on my social media, or sign up to our newsletter

Much love,